Electors Decide By December 14th — How Trump (Can’t) Win

Quick debunk of a viral social media quote making the rounds.

Here is one of the main quotes spreading around Facebook and Twitter:

“The states are required by the Constitution to cast their electoral votes by Dec 14th.”

Wrong. This piece is pulled from a website that’s vomiting out misinformation at a crazy rate: revolver.news

This is not required by the constitution. It was a speech given by McCay 20 years ago in regards to Bush v. Gore.

Waiting in the wings are ambitious Florida legislators, led by Speaker of the House Tom Freeney and Senate President John McCay, prepared to take unilateral action should Gore eventually prevail. “If this controversy is . . . unresolved by Dec. 12, the Legislature has the authority and may have the responsibility to step in,” said McCay, suggesting that the Legislature would name its own electors loyal to Gov. George W. Bush.

Interesting enough, 2 days ago (11/05/2020), Wikipedia had a suspicious ninja edit by a suspicious unregistered IP address with a citation definitely needed.

Citation Needed

Please research before reposting, sharing, liking, retweeting, forwarding, DMing, and faxing fake news that’s debunked in several minutes. There will be dozens more of different claims within the coming weeks. I’ll try to do a quick analysis of the most popular ones daily.